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Manpower - Guarding Services

Performing access control to ensure only authorised persons are allowed entry, patrolling the grounds to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary, managing traffic control on the premises - these roles undertaken by security officers play an important role in helping to keep premises safe.

Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC provide guarding services which are competent and reliable.

Stringent Selection
Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC offer manpower security services of high, uncompromised standards. We adopt a stringent selection process that assists us to single out potential candidates who are smart looking, have a pleasant disposition, conversant in English and possess good customer relations skills. Our officers are able to carry out their duties in a firm yet courteous and tactful manner.

Customised Training
Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC adopt the standard operating procedures and training pedagogy from Singapore. These methods and curriculum are further adapted to meet local requirements and situations. Our training courses include the following:
  • Basic Course including First Aid & Fire Safety
  • On the Job Training (OJT) to suit environment and meet your security needs
  • Refresher & Modular training on skills development
  • Customer Service

Motivated Workforce
Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC provide their officers with a caring and conducive work environment to ensure a motivated workforce that is alert and vigilant while on duty. Our officers are provided with:
  • Good staff welfare & fringe benefits
  • Prompt payment of salaries
  • Performance incentives
  • Skills development

Effective Deployment
Armed with the capability to profile and select officers to suit the wide spectrum of industry security needs, Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC ensure that officers with the right skill sets and aptitude are deployed to meet the diverse and unique requirements of government, commercial and industrial customers. Regular review will also be conducted with customers to gather feedback on the effectiveness and fit of the officers deployed.

Experienced Team of Management & Supervisory Staff
Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC are managed by a team of senior officers with more than 20 years of experience in command and control positions in the Armed Forces, the Police Force, and aviation and commercial security. Their wealth of experience is further complemented by front-line supervisory staff familiar with local conditions and supported by a well-equipped Operations Centre operating round the clock.

Our global insights coupled with local industry knowledge ensure that Certis Guarding Services LLC and Certis LLC provide guarding services that suit your needs.

Please contact us for more information about our products and services.

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