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Security protection that makes the difference

Whether you are planning for a new development, enhancing existing infrastructure or planning changes to use of current facilities and operations, is security a part of your consideration? You should. It will not only help protect your business, it can also lead to an overall reduction in your security operation cost.

With a portfolio of over 500 major projects in worldwide, including many of the iconic buildings and key government installations in Singapore, Certis Security Consulting has the extensive experience and resources to provide you with sound, professional advice from the best in the business. By applying Certis’ unique M³ (Man, Machine & Method) methodology, we deliver comprehensive solutions to a wide spectrum of security issues.

Our highly experienced consultants come from the top ranks of the military, police and commercial security sectors. They are certified by ASIS International as Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and are experienced in identifying and analysing threats to your development and recommending solutions.

By applying proven design techniques such as Crime Prevention Environmental Design (CPTED) with security systems, Certis Security Consulting will incorporate security features into urban planning and building design without compromising on your building functionality and aesthetics. We further conduct threat-vulnerability assessments to formulate risk management plans and security policies to support your business objectives and infrastructure.

With Certis Security Consulting, we will help project the desired image for your development and boost its value.


Certis offers the expertise to identify and analyse threats to your development and makes recommendations to mitigate them  

Certis' Security Planning and Design service helps you plan security measures for a new construction or when conducting a security upgrade of existing facilities  

Our CPP-certified consultants lets you focus on your key activities and be assured that the security plan of your facilities are professionally implemented  


Certis' Security Audit service is an examination of the adequacy of your existing security measures and policies against current threats and vulnerabilities  

Certis' Security Management Services relieves you from the tedium of having to manage your organisation’s daily security functions  

In providing the Crisis Management Audit, our consultants examine how well prepared your business is in managing the contingencies that could arise from a disaster. Certis analyses the risks and threats that may disrupt your organisation's operation and provides effective contingent plans for business continuity

Information leak? Industrial espionage? Infringement on intellectual property rights? Let Certis' professional investigation services help you

Certis' comprehensive suite of Aviation Security (AVSEC) products and services provides complete protection for your aviation world 

Certis examines and formulates security measures for ships & ports to help owners achieve compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code  


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